Are you new to St. Paul’s?
Here’s what you can expect.

Please come in!

…Well that is what this page used to say;
we are very disappointed not to be able,
or not likely at the moment, to welcome you in person.
But please take a look around this site, discover what you can about us.
If you’re a person who is on Facebook, then have a look at us there too.
And then you are invited to get in touch and we’ll see what God has in mind for us together.

Briefly we are…

Owatonna’s Episcopal Church since 1860, and the oldest church building in continuous use since that time. But now with a fully renovated congregation! The Church that gave you the King James Bible, and the Book of Common Prayer, whose members range from Shakespeare and George Washington to C.S. Lewis, from Queen Elizabeth to Desmond Tutu, from Robin Williams to Bono to Rachel Held Evans, is also a Church that ordains all persons called by God, without regard to gender, and marries all people drawn into committed relationships. And these days we have elevators. And sound systems. And air conditioning.

Photo Credit:  Brian Draeger Photography, Marion, Iowa, of the new panel in a window made of glass salvaged from the old entrance