Are you new to St. Paul’s?
Here’s what you can expect.

Please, come in! If this is your first time joining us, enter using the red door on Mill Street. Someone will greet you at the top of the stairs and give you a program to guide you through the service. If you need an elevator, come in the glass doors on Mill Street. An usher will guide you to the sanctuary and get you a program.

You are welcome here. We understand that entering a new church for the first time can be intimidating. However, whether you are looking for a new church home or just visiting, know that we are happy to have you with us just as you are. You will be greeted and welcomed, but you will not be singled out or introduced to the congregation.

Bring your children. St. Paul’s is a family church, and children are an integral part of our parish life.  Children are welcome to stay with us in the sanctuary.  The ushers can help you find our children’s activity bags.  If you prefer, you may send your child to our nursery care or multi-age Sunday school class. No pre-registration is necessary. If your young child needs a bit more space but you’d like to keep him close, you are welcome to sit with him in the Narthex. Here you will find a chest of quiet toys for just this purpose.

Join us for Communion.  Communion is the heart of our worship, and we believe that God’s gifts are provided for everyone.  No exceptions. The bread and cup are offered at the altar, or at the base of the steps leading up to the altar if you prefer not to climb the stairs.  You may dip your bread into the wine, or sip from the cup directly, or not take the wine at all. We have gluten free wafers available upon request. If all of that is too much, you are invited to come forward just for a blessing, without any bread or wine involved.

Stay for coffee. We’d like to get to know you a bit better! Please join us after the service for coffee, juice and treats in Upper Tanner Hall. Hospitality is provided free of charge by the Women of St. Paul’s coffee committees.

Photo Credit:  Brain Draeger Photography, Marion, Iowa